[SOLVED] Upgrade 2020.2.2 : Nextcloud connexion KO


During the upgrade raidrive-2019-12-22 ==> raidrive-2020.2.2, have i an technical issue, but no log founded about that :(. Except that, installation seems OK.

But, when i launch raidrive, it’s empty. No configuration :confused: (6 drives, connected before upgrade). When i want to reconfigure my nextcloud connexion, raidrive crash when he tried to connect to the nextcloud server. Connected drives are disconnected, raidrive windows disappear and all configuration deleted :cry: Again, no interesting log found :frowning:

Rollback to raidrive-2019-12-22 version and all is OK.

Best regards.

tech infos :
Windows 10 up to date
==> webdav conf seems different in nextcloud 18.x.x.x :


In raidrive-2019-12-22 version, connexion is ok with “/remote.php/webdav” parameters.

Hope, this informations can help you.

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Hi~ @Therealcorwin,

It’s hard to reproduce your case even though several tries.
If the crash happened, there is the dump file in C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive.
Could you check that folder and send to us(support@raidrive.com)?


I just try another upgrade to 2020.2.2 version . This time, no crash during the install. But the nexcloud bug is still here :frowning:

No crash log about that founded :confused:

Same problem, on 2020.2.3 build
@RaiDrive, is that normal we lost all configured drive during an upgrade ?

Thanks a lot for your awesome screenshot.
If RaiDrive did not generate a dump file, could you check Windows Event Viewer?

No error event .

It’s no fun, if it’s too simple :slight_smile:

I just installed the 2020.2.2 on a computer where is the first install of raidrive.

This time, i have some log !!!

error.zip (32,1 Ko)

We think We found a clue. We’ll analyze it a little longer and say it again.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

It’ was caused by a wrong code a != b instead of a == b.
Really appreciate your detection and report.

Here is a new patch.

GG !

Patch works :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: :confetti_ball: :+1: :+1:

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I shouted Victory to early :cry: @RaiDrive

I just apply patch 2020.2.4 on my desktop computer, and i think there is a side effect :confused:

My connection to pcloud, google drive, dropbox … are KO



In center.log :

2020-02-13 11:25:58.556 +01:00 [WRN] ini fail: Aucune connexion n’a pu être établie car l’ordinateur cible l’a expressément refusée

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Ooooops, very sorry about that. We know what is that.
Now cooking a new patch…

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Version 2020.2.5 was packed. :pray:

Seems to be ok :grin:

Last question, I hope :smiley:, is that normal at startup of Raidrive he ask me credentials/authorisation… for pcloud google & co for an existing drive ?

That’s nice~ :sweat_smile:

If you check “Connect using different credentials”, you will be asked for credentials each time you connect.

Oh… Yes. Option is checked !

Thx for help :smiley: and for cooking patch so fast :stew:

I can’t edit the title of thread to add [SOLVED] :frowning:

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