refresh file list bug

Hello, i have been testing both Google Drive (Shared Drives) and Business with Raidrive. While both do seem to work, i think i discovered a bug with

I have been testing both with Plex and scanning media that is stored on the drive. I use a command batch script to scan the media on the drives.

With Google Drive everything works great with no issues. When a scan is initiated using the script, the drive file list is refreshed from the scan which shows any new media added since the scan was last initiated.

With however using the same script does not refresh the drive/file list. I have to manually open the drive using file explorer to get a updated file list. Once i do this, the script seems to add any new media. Disconnecting and reconnecting the drive also will refresh the list.

Is there a way to force a file list refresh from the command line until a fix is found so works similar to Google Drive on file listing refreshes?

Here are the settings i am currently using for Google, and Raidrive itself.

Overview of both drives:


Google Drive Settings:

Google Drive Settings:


Raidrive Settings:


Hi~ @Scottslegacy,

Really appreciate your report.
It was our mistake and was fixed in version 2020.2.11

If you have any questions, please let us know.
May I move this message to the public topic?

Thanks for the fix and reply and sure you can move the message

EDIT: Version 2020.2.12 has fixed the issue. Thanks =)

I just tested this with the new version you posted 2020.2.11 and the bug is still there.

You can test this by doing the following.

Create a plex server. and create a movie or tv show library.
Add your folder containing your media to it. (From your mounted drive)
Upload a new media file to to your media folder.
Have plex rescan the library for new media.
Plex will not pick up new media.

If you actually manually goto the mounted drive in windows explorer and open up the media folder it refreshes. You can at this point have plex rescan the library and it will pick up new media.

Again Google works perfectly fine seems to be tied to the drive.