RaiDrive does not remember settings

Hi, I am testing RaiDrive 2020.2.2 but it does not remember any settings. I am using the free version.

I am trying to map a Nextcloud folder to a drive. I have tried via the WebDAV option an via the Nextcloud option: both are not remembered upon reboot. The initial connection goes fine, seems pretty fast even. But as soon as I reboot the connection I made is gone from RaiDrive and does not show up in Windows. I even had it dissapear from RaiDrive, but the driveletter was still visible in Windows (not working though) after a suspend of my laptop…

Is this a known bug? Of even: is it possible that this is not remembered in the free version?

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Hi~ @Mark_Kaiser,

Thanks a lot for your report. It was a bug and fixed in a new patch.
You can download in the topic Version 2020.2.2 patch (2020.2.12).