RaiDrive Installer identified as a virus/trojan by VirusTotal. Why?

Hello everybody,

I wanted to download the latest RaiDrive installer to update it on my computer and VirusTotal identified it as a virus/trojan:

Directly checked using…

throws the following report…

And the check using the same file but downloaded throws the following report…

Why is this??? Is RaiDrive suddenly malicious?

Hi @Goma,

VirusTotal sometimes reports malicious infections, especially from Avast and AVG.
Please try using version (2023.9.161) of the msi package.

Ok, the nightly build seems to be clean…

But can you please explain where the difference to the official Version is? Why is one version identified as a virus and the other not? Do antivirus software manufacturers even know what they are doing these days?

And yes, I am aware that heuristics are a tool in virus identification. I just wonder (if you follow all the traces, explanations and sources provided by the antivirus software manufacturers for every virus found) why heuristics often only detect garbage, because they only seem to find something when… …well, for example, we just have the right time of the day.

Sorry for my sarcasm, but I think it’s similar to the doctors in medicine, everything is just scaremongering and they only find anything bad when you do the so-called “health check”. But if you are really seriously ill, suddenly no doctor can help you. Such approaches are totally contradictory.

So if heuristics or the complete antivirus suite of choice is so inaccurate and detects false positives, you can do without it.

But (and this isn’t meant to be an attack) I don’t actually want to use nightly builds because they are mostly untested, which in the worst case can lead to a horror scenario for all users at the same time.

So I prefer to use the official tested version and hope and trust in your expertise, dear RaiDrive team. I’ll just do a few network analyzes to be 100% sure, then it should also fine with that one.

Thanks for replying to my post. :slight_smile:

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