SFTP drive not updating files

Hiya team,
first thing though: the support dropdown on your home page has spelt Support with 3 p’s. ‘Suppport’

We use raid drive to connect a few various drives. We’ve had this issue before but it’s gone away and back agian.
Our clients drop files into a azure blob storage. The files aren’t being processed through our system because raidrive isn’t refreshing the file, especially when it’s overwritten.

for example file aaa.txt was uploaded by a client 7/8/2023 then their system overwrites that file aaa.txt on 8/8/2023. When I view that file in the windows explorer the time stamp on the file is 7/8/2023. If I open the file it opens the 7/8/2023 file, but then it finally refreshes in windows explorer now that I’ve done somethign manually and I can see the 8/8/2023 version of the file.

this recently caused an issue with missing processing files for 7 days, then client kept overwriting daily, but raidrive wasn’t updating the file.

What can I do to fix this problem?


version 2023.2.55


Hi~ @Shane_Dolley ,

Test with a Night Build and email(support@raidrive.com) us the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) if the issue persists.
If you want a quick update instead of an automatic update, press F5 in Explorer.

I have sent logs to support@raidrive.com

Hi~ @Shane_Dolley ,

We’ve sent you a response via email.

Hi Team,

This ins’t going what I need it to do. the WIndows explorer won’t update unless I manually open the folder, and refresh it. Can something be done so that it updates the folder automatically? If not I need to look for another solution.

Hi~ @Shane_Dolley ,

We sent a response via email.
Please send us the information We mentioned and We will check it and get back to you.

Hi Team,
I’m still having this issue and I need to get it sorted or find another solution.
I have a script that deletes everything in a blob container, and puts in a new set of CSV files. When my server goes to read the files soon after they have been created the file names served up are the file names from a previous run, which don’t exist and my data fails.

How can i force raidrive to update the files in my folders more frequently, like every 5 seconds?


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