Increasing Cache Time To Days


I’m using my remote storage service basically as a read-only drive. Files hardly ever change. But I do file reading a lot. It’s kind of like a media center.

For this case, I would like to increase the read cache timeout to 3 days or maybe even 5 days. But the max I can do is currently 24 hours. It would be great if this time could be increased further.

Also; If there is any config file somewhere I can do this manually for a work around, it would be also fine. Please let me know if there is…

Side-note; It would be also great if cache files don’t get deleted after system restarts/program restarts/remounting etc…

Thank you.

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Hi @eldar.finwe,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
We will consider this feature in the future release.

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Hi @eldar.finwe,

Temporary lifetime (cache timeout) will have more items in the next version.

  • 3, 7, 15, 30 days

If you need other items, please let us know.