[SOLVED] Upgrade to 2020.2.2 fails (admin issue)

Anyone else having a failure upgrading from 2020.12.22 to 2020.2.2 on Windows 10? I receive the following error even though I’m upgrading while logged in to a local Admin account.

“RaiDrive requires installation by an Admin user account”


Same here. Any help appreciated.MSI60C1.LOG (42.6 KB)


Hi~ @WFD6878, @Paul_Gallo,

Unfortunately, we cannot guess why this happens.
It might be relative with the UAC(User Access Control), which can be bypassed unofficially.

RaiDrive installer needs elevating to Admin privilege, but something (maybe Windows) seems like ignoring it.

Does anybody know the clue about this issue? :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman:

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Same problem. Can´t install without admin permissons.
UAC ist disabled by registry.
Starting installation as an admin doesn´t work.
Maybe it happens because of using an office.com user account for login?
(Win 10 Prof has latest updates installed.)

@Nils_Schuler, @Paul_Gallo, @WFD6878 and everyone,

Here is a new package in which the admin issue is patched.
We really hope this is the way. :pray:

Great! The update worked. However, my new version shows 2020.2.2 (not 2020.2.3)

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This is a just re-packaging version but all embedded binary was not changed.

Yes… That update version worked! Thanks