Requesting two features

I love this software and what it does. I will subscribe for a 1 year Professional aplication.
I just have two requests:
1: Add Paypal as a payment method, please.
2: Add a “caching” feature for the free version (let me explain): imagine I have a remote share on my NAS that I connect via SFTP over the internet. If I want to copy a 10GB file it will take forever to copy. This file could be “cached” locally and get copied in the background. You know, kinda like dropbox does, but for a remote SFTP mount. I will make a new account and pay a year membership to support the team, but I think this is a feature that should be available in the free version.

Thank you very much, RaiDrive works, I love it!

Thanks a lot for your encouragement. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sure, we are on the same side :handshake: and working on it. :running_man:

In version 2019.11.29 we announce the new feature to handle a lifetime of cache file. Please try this and then let us know the result. :smiley:


Hi~ @valispern and everyone,

From just now, RaiDrive supports :handshake: PayPal as a payment method. :smiley:

If you have any trouble, please let us know.

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hello I Have been trying to pay thru PayPal, but the link Got error… can you fix that please

Hi~ @Bryan_Flor,

PayPal payment is currently not possible due to technical issues. We think you will need to use credit card payment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hi~ @Bryan_Flor,

We are solving the problem, can you try paying with PayPal now and let us know the result?

hello yes worked !! i did buy the subscription !! but still download and upload slowly! 1.5 mb speed , same like when I was on free subscription, Do I need to do something or is it like that?thank you so much for your support