RaiDrive 2019.12.22


  • MEGA: Version 1(old) account, 2FA support
  • MEGA: MEGADrop, Incoming Shares support
  • SharePoint: Custom site URL
  • Display order adjustment of drives
  • Refresh Folder context menu
  • Folder drive support


  • SFTP: Failure recovery performance
  • Private drive disconnection at Windows logout
  • Fast drive connect/disconnect


  • Proxy partially applied
  • Google Drive: Keep the created file time
  • OneDrive Business Shared: Subfolders not output
  • Installation failure by .NET Framework issue
  • ISO mount failure on Local Disk
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RaiDrive 2019.12.17 and 2019.12.19 are unstable on OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Photos.

Please upgrade to RaiDrive 2019.12.22.

RaiDrive 2019.12.20 was deprecated for missing proxy partially.