Version 2019.12.17 OneDrive Business bug

After I upgraded to latest version , The OneDrive Business Account I have seems to be connecting but it is not my account (there are files there that are not mine) and when I log in through Microsoft’s site I see my files . Moreover it says that my space is unlimited (8.00EB) but I have 5TB. On 2019.11.29 Version it works as intended. Thanks
edit : I had typed wrong version

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Hi~ @hgeras,

Really appreciate your valuable & thankful report. :+1::+1::+1:
RaiDrive has been upgraded to version 2019.12.20 before right now (version 2019.12.17 was deprecated).

Excuse me! Where i can find download link!:face_with_thermometer:

upd. Install old version and update from app, but it would be better if you can give a download link

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Sorry about that. It takes little more time.
But you can upgrade right now through “press check button”.