Getting kicked back to standard edition

Why is it that i have 4 purchased business edition licenses and yet i constantly am getting bumped to standard edition on one of the computers. This seems to happen when one of the 4 computers is restarted and every once in awhile it will just do it on its own. It will say the current session has been requested to return by your other session which shows the computer name of one of the other active computers. What is the point for paying for multiple licensees when it cant distinguish between them? It is quiet annoying to constantly have to log back in.

I see there was a post back in June about a server patch, but doesn’t seem like it is working.


Hi~ @Scottslegacy,

Thanks a lot for your report and sorry about your inconvenience.
We could reproduce this trouble when a PC powered off.
It will be a top priority on our schedule.

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Hi~ @Scottslegacy,

Thanks a lot for waiting for a long time.

This issue was fixed into the license server and was caused by

  • undetected dead license
  • counting the concurrent total license number including a zombie
  • sometimes kick out the alive

@Scottslegacy, @DORIAN_MIRANDA, @Thorsten,
If you have any other issues like this, please let us know.

So far no issues here and seems to be working correctly. Thanks for the update @RaiDrive =)

As for 9/17/20 this issue has started happening again. I have 4 computers each with their own license. As soon as one of the computers restarts and reconnects, it bumps one of the other computers to standard edition.

@Scottslegacy, thanks a lot for your kind report.

We found another bug and hope that this issue is fixed in version 2020.6.70.
When a subscription switching dialog appears, RaiDrive continuously tries to take a license. But it was unnecessary, unexpected, and made this issue.

If you have the same trouble, please let us know.
Also really sorry for this issue, and thanks a lot for the long patience.

Thanks for the update =)

Hi, i have the same problem. I purchased 2 licenses and on 1 computer raidrive returns to the standard version.
Thanks for your help, beste regards

Hello, same Problem here.

3 licenses …

I still have the Problem.

Helo, I have the same Problem.

I’m having the same issue, have the Pro license and getting kicked to the standard version. Very annoying