Cannot add 'Share with others'

I want to add my friend’s email, but there is an error with the words ‘Error: Network Error’

Please fix this feature as soon as possible.

thank you

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o erro esta sendo apresentado mesmo, qual previsao de correcao?

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Hi~ @ThePhantom, @Renato_Alcara,

Thanks a lot for your report and efforts.
It has been just fixed. :sweat_smile:

We recommend remove all members and then add again.

@RaiDrive peço por gentileza que verifiquem a funçao excluir, ela tambem nao esta funcionando. rsrsrs :frowning:

Sorry for your inconvenience.
Because the web server restarted, you should re-sign in and then try to delete again.

Auto translated:
Desculpe pelo seu inconveniente.
Como o servidor web foi reiniciado, você deve entrar novamente e tentar excluir novamente.

@RaiDrive assim que solicitou eu testar a primeira vez funcionou porem ele continua pensando para remover acredito que servidor web esta com algum problema.

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@Renato_Alcara, You’re the best. :+1:
It was a bug :cold_face: and has been just fixed too.
If you find out another bug, please let us know at any time.

Auto translated:
@Renato_Alcara, ocê é o melhor. :+1:
Foi um erro :cold_face: e também foi corrigido também.
Se você encontrar outro bug, informe-nos a qualquer momento.

@RaiDrive I believe we have another bug in the system when I added 2 users and I try to delete 1 user it removes what is not to be deleted

@Renato_Alcara, We cannot reproduce your case in our lab.
But we will try to keep monitoring whether something wrong happens.
Thanks a lot for your report. :+1: