After upgrading to 2020.6.70 Windows no longer recognizes drives in File Manager

On multiple PCs installing the upgrade to 2020.6.70 standard edition, We can no longer access the mapped drives using File Manager / My computer in Windows 10 2004 fully patched. The drive letters are accessible via command prompt and PowerShell, just not from File Manager or My Computer. Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Hi~ @Brian_Moscicki,

Could you send log files ( C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log ) to

Yes, same issue here, and what’s even worse: after reistalling the app it stopped working completely. It’s not even possible to open the settings and it shows as the standard edition, while I have paid for the pro edition a couple of days ago.

Hello Marco:

The no connect drive bug strikes again and being a Paid RaiDrive member this is utter trash and bullshit!!! I lost accounts I no longer know how to access because of this stupid buggy update. I used CCleaner to uninstall and I am running 2020.6.36 once again. This time I had to delete the installer forcefully because it would not let me install an older version over it. Thanks a lot RaiDrive not cool! If you need the old installer file pm me and I will see what I can do for you!

Looking back it was less than a year when this happened last time. It is not cool or funny at all. I expect better testing and support for one of the best Google Drive Management Software Suites around. Here is when it happened to me back in November of 2019! Google Drive error message Code: ErrorRemoteDriveAuth (103)


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Yeah I had to revert back to 2020.6.36. If you need assistance on doing this let me know.

This issue was fixed in version 2020.6.74.