MS Azure Storage problem

I have problem with Azure Storage. All files are not displayed in folders, instead it names consists of foldername %2F filename.

For example file: avatar_kotek.jpg in folder _Avatary
is shown in explorer like:

So it’s one big list of all files from all folder and subfolders.
I can’t even create a new folder in this storage.

Hi~ @Grzegorz_Wozniak,

We need some information to confirm the issue. Please send us the information via e-mail(, and we will tell you again after confirmation.

  1. %2F means “/”. Does the original file name contain “/”?
  2. Did you connect via Container or File? (In RaiDrive settings)
  3. On the web, a capture file of a photo of the parent folder of the _Avatary folder and a list of files in the _Avatary folder