Local Drive not working as expected

I have been successfully running a database application from my Synology NAS using NetDrive 2.0 as a local drive for some time now. I decided to give RaiDrive a try before upgrading to NetDrive 3 because as of late I have been having problems with NetDrive 2. My problem is even through I have RaiDrive Pro version with local drive capabilities my application now throws an error. When I switch back to NetDrive all is well am I to assume that RaiDrive local drive feature is not as functional as NetDrive o is there a fix or update for this problem? I would like to know before my 7day trial is up.
Thank you .

Hi~ @jafox2922,

Could you please tell us exactly which program is causing what error to solve the problem you are experiencing?
And if you send the log file via e-mail(support@raidrive.com), it will be of great help in solving the issue.

If you send both pieces of information via e-mail, we will tell you again after checking the issue.

Thank for you response

The name of the program is Servant Keeper 6 it is an old church management software

The program opens normally I can also login but when I try to access database portions, I receive

Error#: -60

Error#: 90616

Opening File


R:\Holding\Servant Keeper 6\User\CSJRNL.UDB

And when I click OK I get

Error#: -935

Error#: 93312

Null Input Parameter unexpected



There is no log file that I know of or have access too

Hi~ @jafox2922,

The log file is located at C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log.

Hi~ @jafox2922,

According to the log, this is a phenomenon that is in use by another process. Please check if 2 programs are running.
RaiDrive prevents different programs (even with the same name) from simultaneously writing to the same file for file stability.
If you continue to have problems, it will be helpful to send the program to us for testing.