Xls file damaged when saving after change in Raidrive

I save my xls file (with xls macro’s) to my Raidrive folder in Sharepoint.
That is working well.
I can open this file smoothly and close it. Again and again.

But if I change something in the xls file and save it.
A pop-up will then appear with the message: The file is being saved, followed by the destination folder and file name.

If I then want to open the modified file, the xls application opens and a pop-up appears with the message: filename cannot be opened.

From that moment the file is corrupt.

Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

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Hi @Marjan_van_Engelenho,

Thanks a lot for your issue report.
Could you send log files to support@raidrive.com?

  • C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

Oke, i just sent it to you.
I have the same issue with a xls file without macro’s

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