Wrong Modified date on files

I connect using SFTP to my bitvise file server. The files in the RaiDrive folder shows creation date not modified date, how to fix this?

Hi~ @hpersson53,

Explorer can displays “Date modified”, “Date created”.
In Bitvise SSH Server 8.41 and RaiDrive 2020.2.2, a date operation works fine.

Could you check columns, which you choose in Explorer?

Yes I checked once more, see image.
I place an file on the server
Creation date 2020-02-20, Modify date 2017-12-25
when looking at the file with rai drive the dates show
Creation date 2020-02-20, Modify date 2020-02-20

modify dates|690x245

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Very sorry for misunderstanding your valuable report. :bowing_man:

It happens especially in bitvise SSH Server and will be fixed in the coming new patch soon.

Great, I look forward to the coming update.
Best regards Håkan