Wrong modified and creation date showing

I connect my Stack storage of TransIP using Webdav protocol. Now, when I look at the files, the modified and creation date show faulty.
Besides other things I use this storage as a backup, and this makes the program want to update everyting.
When I use the windows build in webdav protocol it shows the date and time correctly

I’m very new to RaiDrive (but very happy with it already!!) so maybe it is my mistake, I just don’t see how to fix it. Thanks for any replies!

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Edit to my own question, the picture shows the same directory twice.
Once using Webdav protocol of windows (left) and once connected with RaiDrive.
The left files are with the correct metadata, the right (RaiDrive) showing faulty information.
This is also the case when obtaining the file properties (right-click, properties).
I hope anyone knows how to fix this.

Hi~ @johan.van.ede,

Could you let us know RaiDrive version you use?
Additionally we are try to register to TransIP Stack. :sweat_smile:

Hi~ everyone and @johan.van.ede,

It’s difficult to find out how to subscribe(buy) to “TransIP Stack” outside Netherland.
If someone provides a test account temporarily or knows how to, please let us know (support@raidrive.com).

Hi, thank you for your reply.
I’m using version 2020.2.12, wich is the latest version according to the program.
And yes, it can be difficult to register, but I can share my ‘space’ in and extra account.
I will email the credentials of this temporary account.
Thank you for looking in to the problem!

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Really appreciate for your support, @johan.van.ede. :ok_woman:

We will do our best to figure out this issue ASAP. :running_man:

@johan.van.ede, We found out why this happens.
TransIP Stack” WebDAV server requires its own specification to handle DateTime stuff.

It will be fixed in the next soon coming version.
Really appreciate for your support. :+1:

Thank you for your reply, and I’m glad that having the access to the storage was helpful.
I’m really happy that you found the fix, and can’t wait for the new version.
I’m onboard only for a week, but this quick and nice response made me stay!

Is access to the storage stil wanted, or can I close the test account?
Again, thanks for the help!

If you’ve subscribed, please let us know your email account. (support@raidrive.com).
If not, you can use without any limitation. :smiley: