WinEmu crash Windows 2012 server when mount a ISO image from Raidrive

I try to mount a ISO image of a DVD from Raidrive in Windows 2012 (vps) but it crash system and reboot disabling WinEmu.
I make a video to show, in first example ISO is in Local disk, in second example ISO is loaded from Raidrive but it crash

Hi~ @Franco_Rossini ,

When We tested it internally, it was confirmed that the above-mentioned issue does not occur in the Windows 10 environment, but occurs in the Windows Server environment.
In Windows Server environment, the combination of RaiDrive and WinEmu doesn’t seem to fit well.
In Windows Server environment, it is recommended to use Daemon Tools or other ISO Mount program, or try using the Windows default mount.

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Yes, you are right.
I used now Deamon Tools and works good
Thank you!