Windows Server 2016 issues

I love RaiDrive and installed it on several of my friends computers with various versions of Windows. I just installed it on a Windows Server 2016 and all went smoothly until I opened Explorer.

Authentication with without a hitch but when I opened to view the files, nothing was showing except for 1 file that is in the thousands of files in that Google Shared Drive.

I’ve tried deleting the drive and adding again. Rebooting. Reinstalling. But it only shows that one file.

Any ideas? Thanks!

This is now happening on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro. These are VPS systems. I’ve installed RaiDrive on a couple of other VPS providers with no hitch. This one seems to have something blocking. Any ideas?

service.log (16.6 KB)

Hi~ @Andrew_Mouser,

Your log says that you connected to “Google Shared with me” instead of “Google Shared drives” (former Google Team Drive).

Could you confirm what kind of storage you want to connect to?

Yep… that was it. I didn’t even notice it was a brand new major version change. I’m still on 1.8 and that’s not even in the Business tab. Thanks!

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