Win10 File Explorer file preview function causes the file explorer slow and opened file to be read only

When the win10 file preview function is turned on, it is very slow to click on a single file. When the previewed file is displayed in the windows explorer and then I double click to open the file, it must be read only. This happens mostly when the file exceeds 10MB.

Hi~ @harvest_strong ,

Preview mode often reads part or all of a file, in which case you will need to download some or all of the file.
When downloading like this, Explorer seems to slow down considerably and freeze.
Images or executable files without thumbnails are especially slow because they download a lot of data.
In the case of OneDrive, download restrictions may apply for each user. (In this case, it takes a lot of time by repeating it several times.)
Please set the view mode of the folder in Explorer to Detailed view.
If the problem persists, please e-mail( us the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) and we will see if there are any other problems.