WebDAV Upload problem - [WARN] WaitUploadPosition : UPLOAD WAIT TIMEOUT

There is topic named “WebDAV Upload problem”. Things looks the same but an error message.
I have WebDav by Yandex mapped to Y: drive.
I upload 1 GB file on to V:
After 3 or 4% of coping everything is stopped.
Used different accounts of Yandex with free space like 52 GB and 600+ GB – enough for any file.
After STOP the log has:

2020-04-23 17:00:48.302 [WARN] WaitUploadPosition : UPLOAD WAIT TIMEOUT
2020-04-23 17:00:58.307 [WARN] WaitUploadPosition : UPLOAD WAIT TIMEOUT
2020-04-23 17:01:08.317 [WARN] WaitUploadPosition : UPLOAD WAIT TIMEOUT
And so on
More details in
service.log (8.0 KB)

The version is 2020.2.12 Standard Edition.

Internet connection is ok. I can download file from v: drive with speed 50+ MB/sec and do not have any connection loss.

Hi~ @Victor,

Thanks a lot for your kind report.

It happens under the case of so much slow transferring.

It means that finally transferring was canceled by Yandex WebDAV server.

Yandex.disk WebDAV support page is broken. You’d better check whether WebDAV feature is maintaining.

Thanks for you reply!
I give you 2 examples:
read - 44 MBytes/sec
Write (till stop) - 11 MBytes/sec

I don’t really think it is slow.

“The request was canceled.” in the log in my first messages because of my drive disconnect in the RaiDrive, it’s not by Yandex.
There is no ability to stop coping process but disconnect. For example (see write.png above),
5 minutes after a took write.png I have this:
Write 5 minutes later

It’s good the file access timeout is very long. Unfortunatelly ESC does not help is my case, disconnect helps only.

So, the problem is in network layer somewhere.
Before RaiDrive I used another WebDav client (I like RaiDrive much more :slight_smile: ) without any single problem.

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@Victor, thanks a lot for your detail report and the favor. :+1:
We are investing in this issue and will let you know the result ASAP.

Well, sorry for disturbance,

RaiDrive has no problem in it. The problem is in Yandex cloud itself.

I have found a conference where people discuss about WebDav problems of Yandex could. Yandex officially says – we have no problem, we have no restrictions. But…

At the end of file upload Yandex makes 1 minute timeout per each megabyte.

1 MB –> 1 minute, 10 MB -> 10 minutes, etc.

If you upload 120 MB file you will not wait 2 hours just sitting and waiting.

This is becouse Yandex prevents making backups to it’s cloud.

I have tested Yandex cloud using “Yandex Disk” connection with browser authentication (API used instead of WebDav) – the same timeouts like with WebDav are present.

I bet official API have the same restrictions.

If you want, you could try an unofficial API which still works. You can see it in the following project

In addition, it would be great if you add notification about write problems and restrictions when people add Yandex connections. I believe there are many people who experience the same problem with Yandex and RaiDrive. Just give them know who is who please.

Proof (text in Russian, use Google Translate)

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Really appreciate your efforts, it will be helpful to everyone. :+1:
We will research to find out a more effective way.