WebDAV -ipv6 Support?


I wounder whether ipv6 is supported?
I could not find it anywhere. Am I missing something?


Hi~ @CKPatel,

RaiDrive does not support IPv6.
Could you let us know in which case it needs?

I need to connect a remote Synology NAS via ipv6.
I cannot use ipv4 as port forwarding is blocked by my ISP.

We will research the network environment(router) and Synology settings. :+1:

Also let me remind you that ipv6 is required for WebDAV connections too.


Just a sweet suggestion.

You might want to implement ipv6 tunneling for smooth interoperability between ipv6to4 and ipv4to6 networks.


Hi. Do you plan on supporting IPv6?

My ISP delivers shared IPv4 addresses for all clients through their CGNAT. As we all know, IPv4 is a big issue. In order for me to remotely map my Synology NAS shares, I need to use my dynamic IPv6 address. Because the Synology devices have a native IPv6 DDNS support, this is not a problem. I can easily access my Synology shares through an android app called Solid Explorer, so this really shouldn’t be hard to implement. Thanks.