WebDav Hyperlinks not working

Hi Guys,

Having an issue where when you right-click a file and drag it to an email, you get the option of making a hyperlink to said location.


But when it creates the hyperlink, it does not let other users with the same network-access access the file, as it looks like this.


It should point to the network drive itself like a normal hyperlink.


Even after renaming the hyperlink and pointing to the correct location, it still keeps the incorrect location.



Hi~ @Kyran_Sumner,

Thanks a lot for your report.
Could you let us know which application you’re using?

hi~ @RaiDrive

We are using


To map the drives, below is one of the mappings we use (I have removed the “HTTP” site)

It looks like you are using an Office application.
If so, could you let us know the application name (Work, Excel, PPT or etc) and version?

It is when creating a hyperlink in Outlook. the version I am currently on is


In the Standard(free) edition, Network Drive(\\RaiDrive-<userid>) is set to the Private mode.
This means that no one can access your drives on RaiDrive outside of Windows.

The Professional’s Local Disk feature allows you to share the drive in Public mode.

And then anyone can access it via \\<your-pc-name> with the credentials.

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