WebDAV cache clear after reconnect

I use RaiDrive to mount a WebDAV site as a drive. After I reconnect it I find the cache files download with this WebDAV account is clear. Is there anyone who has the same situation? Will the development team consider keeping these cache files in the local disk which will be much convenient for us to use these files.

Snipaste 2020-12-21 20-02-18

Is there any supporter can answer this question? I have been waiting for 2 days.

Hi~ @Henry_Bolt,

Sorry for the late reply.
Cache information is unconditionally deleted when disconnected and is not stored. If you close the connection due to security and data stability issues, it will be deleted.

Dear developer. Very glad to receive your reply. I have read your description. But I still have a
quesiton about what if the mount drive is disconnected unintentional such as computer restart or
network reset, the cache files download by taking a lot time are all clear. That will be much unhelpful
and unconvenient. So I want to make sure whether the cache files keeping on disk will influence the security and data stability.
Thank you very much for further explain.