WebDAV bug report Asustor

  1. Connection successfull
  2. Mount successfully
  3. All documents can be opened successfully

But storing documents sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t
The same with rename documents.

error message: NO RIGHTS S-1-1-0

I think it’s something with the read-only function. (this is switched off)

NAS: Asustor Synology

RaiDrive Version: 2020.6.25

Thanks for Support :slight_smile:


It looks, it works with Version 2020.2.12 fine :slight_smile:
So the bug must be made after this Version.

Thanks for your great work. This Software is amazing!!!

Hi~ @Hans_Meyer,

Thanks a lot for your report and efforts. :smiley:

We’ve not reproduced this issue in our lab.
Could you send log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) of the latest version?

Sorry for the delay.

This is with the Version 2020.6.25
service.log (5.1 KB)

I did the exact same thing with version 2020.2.12. And it worked fine.