Very slow download speed. with small files!

Hi! very slow upload speed. with small files((( big files norm speed!

200 KB files = 90 KB\s
35KB files = 15KB\s

big files 100mb and 1gb = norm speed upload

how can the speed be increased or what is the problem?


Hi~ @leonfivaproldj,

Is the version 2020.6 you are using?
If you are using the 2020.6 version, please update to the latest version, 2020.11.30, and check. If the download program can increase the number of simultaneous downloads, please increase it to 4 or more.

Hi @RaiDrive,
I’m using the latest version of the program, I have and internet speed of 150mbps down and up. But the download speed from the raidrive is very slow it’s only 1 MBPS. Is there a fix for this? Thanks

Raidrive’s speed is just fine. It depends on your provider and the Cloud service you’re using.

What’s true for a hard drive, is true for upload/download :

  • Uploading/downloading 1GB in 1 file is fast. There’s 1 connection, never interrupted, running until it’s finished. With a good fiber connection, uploading 1GB takes a minute.
  • Uploading/downloading 1GB in 1000000 files of 1KB each, takes shit loads of time. Because it’s multiple small connections interrupted every KB. With a good fiber connection, uploading 1GB in multiple small files can take many hours.

If you want that kind of transfers to go faster, you should use your Cloud Storage provided Sync app. Usually in the options of such sync apps you can specify an amount of parallel TCP connections per transfer. It’s often about 5 or 6 transfers running together. For upload and/or for download. If your sync app can run files 5 by 5 (in parallel) it’ll go much faster than using Raidrive.

When copying with Raidrive mounted as a local drive, you’re limited to Windows copy : 1 file by 1 file. Which slows down the process tremendously.

In a nutshell, your issue is not with Raidrive, but with Windows. To go a bit faster you could also use multiple instances of your usual file manager and run multiple move/copy manually. If you have let’s say 1000 files to move to the cloud, use 4 file managers and select 250 files in each of them. 4 copies will run in the meantime, accelerating the process.