Version free or pro

In version free it is possible to move cache folder to my D disk where it is more space,if i whant to download big file 4k movie.
If i need pro version and make local disk ?

Changing the cache folder is no paid option and is free to do at anytime.

thank you for your respond but how?if i change i receive error for google drive!
This error=Code:ErrorInternalMemory (901)
Drive ALLcation Fail.Check System Memory
I move cache from disk local C to disk local D but … Error !,i whant to buy but…what can i do ?

I need this,i need PRO ???
“Copy / Move feature, a basic function of Professional Edition, does not use cache when uploading.
However, the download uses a cache.”

Hi~ @DaniBlaur,

In our lab version 1.8.0 works fine, could you send log files to

You need to buy just “Professional” subscription without any addons in

Now it is ok i install last version of windows 10 insiders fast,but i download torrent file movie 4k ,log with google drive,torrent download but why not uploud to google drive ?

In google drive not show dimension of file it is .mkv 53 Gb !Mp3 file download and work!
What it is problem with .mkv how i see movie from google drive?

DISSASTER for me i reed now google drive not support .mkv file !
I dont save in my pc after uploud i whant to download with raidrive in google drive after i see movie,but google drive not suport .mkv file,DISSASTER!!!

Hi~ @DaniBlaur,

To find out the reason, we need log data (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) when you meet this issue.