Using QUickConnect with Synology

I have used Raidrive with my Synology NAS for over a year. It works great. However, for technical reasons with my ISP, I can no longer use DDNS to connect. I can use QuickCOnnect just fine – and everything works fine.

However, Raidrive no longer works. It won’t even let me put it the url for connecting via Synology QuickConnect.

For example, now I use the same Synology setup, but try to change the hostname/ip address to use the quickconnect format – but RAIDrive won’t allow it? I put this in the field:

Any ideas how I can still use Raidrive, but specify the connection url as:

Hi @John_Talbot,

Unfortunately, Sysnology NAS does not support QuickConnect for connecting to WebDAV/SFTP/FTP server.

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