Users unable to login after network outage

We had a Frontier outage and are currently on our backup internet provider. Serval users are unable to log into their account on the windows application and are getting the error below. I have tried removing their licenses and reapplying them as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the application, to no avail… This is critical as we rely heavily on Raidrive to be able to access our company files.

Your current session has been requested to return by your other session( RaiDrive/2022.6.54.0 DESKTOP-COHT6F7.Tom Stancik (S-1-5-21-3481665556-4240799145-2141560617-1001) ( All drives will be reconnected. Please save file(s) or close application(s)

It will be applied after 04:49 (8/17/2022 2:25:50 PM), press Ok button to be immediate.

Hi~ @enathe ,

The message you attached is a message that occurs when as many users as the number of licenses are using at the same time and additional users log in after that.
If there are insufficient licenses due to additional logins while using as many licenses as the number of licenses at the same time, the first logged in user will be logged out.
Please check that the number of licenses is not low and if the issue persists, please e-mail( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log). We will tell you again after confirmation.

Thank you, this was actually resolved after about 10 minutes. What happened was that our ISP went down and out gateway auto failedover to our secondary ISP. Raidrive app thought that the users were still logged in from the primary ISP IP.