User with no delete permissions can't add files. (SYNOLOGY)

Good evening,

I have Synolology NAS with multiple users. I want single user to be able to add files create folders and read/download them but no delete. I managed to get it working, but few days ago it stopped working. If he tried to add file it will be stuck at 0% and after while it will say file not found . Im attaching service.log
Connection name is “Synology”

service.log (21.4 KB)

Thanks for the help.

Hi~ @Jozef_Avuk ,

According to the attached log, it appears to be Synology’s equipment error.
Please reboot the device or update Synology’s DSM.


I restarted it many times and also reinstalled WebDav server. I also found that it does this with another programs. But if i mount it localy permissions works as expected.