Use of one Dropbox account multiple users

Good morning, is it possible to use RaiDrive on multiple pc’s (10x) with one Dropbox account?
Or do you know that this can cause problems.
Thanks in advance!


Hi~ @systeembeheer ,

You can connect with the same Dropbox account from multiple PCs.
However, if you approach the same file at the same time, the file may be damaged.

RaiDrive supports File Lock for files working in Office programs.
Please note that File Lock is impossible for other files.

I understand, thanks for the quick answer!
Is file locking supported at Dropbox? Or do I need to choose another cloud platform?

Hi~ @systeembeheer ,

DropBox offers its own Lock feature, but we don’t use it because it doesn’t match RaiDrive’s File Lock policy. (If a user doesn’t unlock, your DropBox admin should always handle the unlock).

RaiDrive provides its own File Lock feature when using Office programs.
This feature works with most remote drives available in RaiDrive.
A word of caution, all users must be using RaiDrive and have File Lock enabled.

To use DropBox Lock without using RaiDrive File Lock, follow the link below.

Thank you for reply. Because of English is not my native language I want to ask you the following.
Do I understand right that RaiDrive works with file locking on DropBox?

And, is this the best cloud choice using with RaiDrive? (around 10 people which are using it).


Hi~ @systeembeheer ,

RaiDrive supports File Lock only if you are using an Office program and the file is an Office file.
If you want File Lock on non-Office files, please use a WebDAV that supports File Lock (e.g. Synology).

General cloud storage is similar, so it’s hard to make a recommendation.