Use large amount of memory


I use RaiDrive 2020.2.12 on Windows 10 with 16 GB RAM and a mounted Nexcloud drive.
Unfortunately, RaiDrive uses almost all of the RAM, so that other programs stop working.
How can we prevent this?


Well, a workaround would be to have a larger pagefile… You could manually set it to 16gb max and min.
The page file is like the PC using the HDD as RAM.

Hi~ @Thomas_Dr, @Gabriel_Rodriguez_Za,

Thanks a lot for your report.

We are testing why this happens and how to handle this, but it takes more time than we expect. If any clue comes up, we will let you know ASAP.

Thanks for testing this problem of huge amounts of RAM used.
Could you please confirm or infirm what @Gabriel_Rodriguez_Za wrote about the cache ?
Does changing its size and retention to something much bigger (let’s say 50GB and retention of 24 hours) would prevent that issue of GB of RAM used from happening ?