Upload notification and sent command monitor

I moved to RaiDrive from WebDrive recently and I do miss two things:

  1. Monitor window, which displays all commands sent to server. Old Webdrive had it, but then they removed it. Not sure why, it was very useful when you had connection issues.
  2. Upload notification which flashes in system tray when file is being uploaded. I open a lot of files directly right from RaiDrive and it is really helpful when you can quickly take a look at the tray and see if file was uploaded.

Hi @The_Krotek,

Welcome to the RaiDrive.

  1. RaiDrive support the file access monitoring: https://docs.raidrive.com/advancedoptions/monitorprocess/
  2. RaiDrive does not support background uploading. You can be notified if any action(e.g., open, save) are finished with your application. You don’t need to look at tray.