Upload Issues with large files

Hi, I’m having issues with uploading larger single files. When trying to upload large single files >4 GB to my Nextcloud Connection, I encounter the problem of file uploads getting stuck at 99% for a long time, sometimes working after that, but most of the time with RaiDrive or the Windows Explorer crashing. Is there a fix for that?

Hi~ @Stefan_Hilger ,

Did you upload using File Explorer?
Or did you upload from another program?
If it was another program, please let us know what it was.

If the upload is stuck 99% of the time, it’s likely because RaiDrive is actually starting the upload remotely at that point, or retrying after a failed upload.

If you can send us a log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log), we can take a look at the source of the problem.
Please compress the log file and email(support@raidrive.com) it to us.