Upload Issues with large files (0Byte file)

I have files with 0 Byte of data on my drive. It seems to happens when I send files greater than ~1GB using RaiDrive.
Config of client is windows 10 family with RaiDrive Standard Edition 2023.2.55. Server is a TrueNas Scale with WebDav.
Every thing works using SMB shares or File Browser, that is why I think It comes from RaiDrive ?

Hi~ @aurelienguenerie ,

Could you send log file when you meet a trouble?
Please send the log file via e-mail(support@raidrive.com).

  • Log file : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

If you can reply, we will review the error and contact you again.


Thanks for your answer. I have just send you log files.

Hi~ @aurelienguenerie ,

We sent a response by email.
Please check your email.