Upload failed webdav

Happy New Year to everyone.

i connect to my synology nas through webdav. When i try to save a file in autocad it freezes and later raidrive says "upload failed… ".

its only autocad related but i post here in case someone can help

service.log (9.1 KB)

Hi~ @andreas1 ,

Please try again with the latest version (2021.12.31) and if the issue persists, please tell us again.

unfortunately , the problem persisits. service.log (11.5 KB)

Hi~ @andreas1 ,

Can we connect and test it ourselves to analyze the exact issue?
If possible, please inform us of external access information and test account by e-mail(support@raidrive.com), and we will tell you again after analysis.

i have solved it with setting tls version to 1.3 in settings.