Upcoming License Options

On the upcoming Professional Version, it is possible for an One-Time pay for Lifetime?

Professional version is subscription type.
The subscription will be renewed automatically one year after you make the payment.

I’m not need the Pro Features, but i would buy it, to donate you, if it is an onetime pay.
Subscription type is shit.


When will professional version be available?

We are burning :fire: for launching within this week with :genie:

I agree. I only buy software for onetime payment. Even the payment only for one major version it’s fine. Please consider that.


So, we’re 11 days further… still no release of the Proffesional Plan… when will it become available? I need it🤐

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Do you offer now an one time buy? i’m not buying month license…

Unfortunately, we have no plan to announce the lifetime price till now.
But we will keep watching the request or suggestion from users.

Any News for OneTime buy?

One time payment billing is so different from a subscription. We are measuring both developing schedules and pricing rules.

I would love one time payment as well but if the features get released often as requested, i won’t mind the subscription to support as often as possible.
Anyway, its nice to have one time payment for a major version, however storage plugins such as Mega, AWS, Naver, … that need often updated from its api can still be keep as subscription.

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Please add Home / Lite subscription (Addons & LIMIT 10 drives) for home user .

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