UpCloud Object Storage

UpCloud is the 2nd main s3 compatible storage provider that I use apart from Wasabi storage, and was wondering if there was a way to integrate UpCloud into the list for enterprise storage providers?

At the moment just using the S3 Compatible option, but this isn’t running smoothly (most likely due to no optimisation for the service) but would like to get someone to look into that.

Hi~ @Noah_Gilbert ,

UpCloud does not provide a separate API for object storage file processing. Therefore, it is difficult to optimize for UpCloud.
Please let us know where you think there is a problem.

Thanks RaiDrive for getting back to me. Not sure if this is something to do with the S3 Compatible Option that I am using (which I’ll be testing DigitalOcean using the S3 Compatible option to see if this is just that option or UpCloud) but it’s considerably slower at loading the data for the bucket (on average even for a local drive it will take about 8 seconds for it to load the data when there is only 50MB of data there.

That’s okay as long as the S3 Compatible option remains an option for me using UpCloud, and I am trying out different methods to see which is the best one for me and my use-case.