Transfer speed between NAS and users .. a bullshit

Hi here
I have been in communication for a month with synology developers about file transfer speed which is EXTREMELY LOW compared to administrator from PC to NAS.

Currently being the administrator I have a transfer speed of 100mb/seconds.

External users have them … a transfer speed of 3mb/seconds.
A good joke. So we tried by all means to check if the problem came from the NAS, the internet connection, the operating system or other…

But no, according to the synology developers, the problem comes from the software that manages this. In our case it is “raidrive”.

So my question is, why does raidrive throttle the transfer speed of our files?

Ps: once again the problem does not come from the NAS which receives a start of 500mb/s nor from the hard disks which have a write speed of up to 1gb/s nor from the operating system settings.

Hi~ @Lucas_Ceccherini ,

RaiDrive does not limit the speed unless the user sets the speed limit in the drive settings.

On February 14th, we emailed a test version to get an idea of what’s happening.

This test version records various information in the log, so please send the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) via e-mail( after testing.