There is a problem about shared drive versioned files

There is a problem with google drive shared folders.

If someone updates a file with version support over google drive shared.
The file seems <File Name>(1).<extension> in RaiDrive, But if you try to download this file, the old version comes with this new name.
Actually The file size is different, but when the file is opened, (in this case it is .PSD) the image is the same as the old one, even if the size is different.

I’ve downloaded directly from a web browser (which is chrome), this file is ok. And then I downloaded From RaiDrive, but this one is wrong.

I don’t know why but it’s strange.

Have a nice day!

Hi~ @mustafayatagan,

Thanks a lot for your report.

It’s unexpected behavior during saving a file into the cloud, and is caused by the duplicated filename instantaneously inside RaiDrive. Please refresh after several seconds as an alternative.

These days we are researching how to avoid this issue, and expect to handle it in the near future version.