Thank you for a great product

Hello RaiDrive team, Just want to give you a public congratulations for building a solid product. I went from a free to paid user and the very well featured trial helped a lot in confirming that this is a stable product that does exactly what I need.
Thank you,

Wow :wink: That nice and so rare to see something else than complains in a forum dedicated to a product :slight_smile:
And I have to agree with you : it does a great job. I tried a few other similar solutions, even AirLiveDrive that sounded good and proposed what I needed for free. But there’s just nothing else that seems to propose even a tiny bit of the stability and reliability of Raidrive. Being able to use cloud storages as hard drives is quiet insanely useful.
Anyway :wink: +1 to your comment. Airdrive’s pretty damn useful.

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