Temporary files

Hi, we noticed with version 2023.2.22 when user opens, as an example, a MS Word file then the standard temporary file looks like generated in the original folder rather in the local temporary folder, what happens is then that if the original folder is read-only then the user gets an error message from RaiDrive even if the user did not perform any update to the file. This behavior was not there in previous versions. How this can be avoided ?



Hi~ @marco.bertolino72 ,

Please try the nightly build version (2023.2.29).

If the issue persists, please email(support@raidrive.com) us with the following information

  1. please provide a detailed procedure so we can reproduce it.
  2. send us a screen capture of the error when it occurs.
  3. please send us a zipped copy of your log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log).

you can easily verify the behavior,

  1. create a connection in RaiDrive to an sFTP where the user has read-only access and where MS Word document is present
  2. Open the MS Word document and you will get immediately the error message similar to what is presented the attached screenshot.
    This seems to be due to the temporary file that MS Word is trying to create in the same folder where the original file was open from, but since the user has read-only access then the error is generated, we did not experience the same behavior in previous version 2020.11.38

Can you please confirm how we can avid this annoying behavior ?


Kind regards.


Hi~ @marco.bertolino72 ,

Because RaiDrive acts as a virtual file system, it behaves as requested by Office.
MSWord automatically creates the ~$ file when you open the original file in write mode.

RaiDrive creates the ~$ file (the lock file) because MSWord has requested it, and we can’t change the location of this file.

The ~$ file is important because it is the LOCK file for the office document, which means it must be in the same location as the original file to prevent other users from accessing it.

If the file itself has a property of readonly, this is not a problem because MSWord will open it as read-only.
So in this case, if possible, set the attribute of the original Word file to readonly and you shouldn’t have a issue.

Strangely we did not observe the same behavior with release 2020.11.38. Are you aware of any different behavior on this respect between the two versions (2023.2.22 and 2020.11.38) ?

In addition we observe that with 2023.2.22 the drive mapped via RaiDrive appears as "Disconnected " and a X symbol appears on the folders while navigating through the filesystem. The same behavior was not observed in 2020.11.38, can you please confirm if this is expected and if this was introduced with the newer release.


Kind regards.

Hi~ @marco.bertolino72 ,

This is a workaround for an issue that says Disconnected Network Drive.

Disconnect all of your drives from RaiDrive, then try the following
Please try to do as follows

In Windows Finder (magnifying glass icon), type “cmd” and when the “Command Prompt” item appears, right-click and select “Run as administrator”.

Enter the following command: net use Y: /delete
(Y: is the name of the offending drive, pick your own).

Reboot and check again.

After disconnecting from RaiDrive altogether, try fixing the registry using the links below and let us know if the problem persists.

An answer to the issue of seeing an X on the file icon.

If file preview is not checked in the drive settings, preview is not supported (offline mode) and the icon is marked with an X.
However, since there is no preview, unnecessary downloads will not occur.
This icon is the windows default display for offline mode.
To get rid of the X mark, you can check File Preview in Drive Settings.

Hi, we are now facing an issue while installing, please check attached screenshot. even after rebooting the machine the installation does not complete with success.
Can you please suggest how to proceed ?


Kind regards.