Temp storage cleared on shutdown / raidrive exit


I noticed that even if i set the lifetime for reading in the Temp folder to 23h, if i shutdown the PC or exit RaiDrive the cache is deleted.

I think it should keep the files for the configured period. In my case, i have a remote storage for movies. When i start watching the file is cached in the background and after some time the whole movie is stored in Temp folder. If i stop watching and reboot and want to watch later, then RaiDrive will copy the whole file again, resulting to extra traffic.

If the Temp is kept after application is closed (for the defined period), it would lead to less traffic (at least in some cases, or for files you would access often).

Thank you!

Hi~ @Ciprian_Tudoran ,

RaiDrive does not support the feature you mentioned.
There are currently no plans, but we will let the community know when we do support the feature.