Switching from a PC to the other, switches Raidrive from Pro to Standard constantly

I recently bought a second computer. And a USB switch to control both computers with the same keyboard/mouse. Both PCs are on the same network.

When I switch from one to the other, which I do all day long, I now get constantly this very annoying message :

Every time I switch from a PC to the other, I neet to Sign In to my Pro Raidrive account, then the other computer becomes Standard Edition. And again and again all day long…

How come I can’t use my Pro Raidrive on both computers ?
Hope the answer is not : you’re gonna have to spend 50$ a year to use Raidrive on both your computers…


Hi~ @Hansolocambo ,

Two licenses are required to use on both PCs without logging out.
Please understand because it is the policy of Professional Edition.

I pay yearly for tons of services. NordVPN, Real-Debrid, Alldebrid, Netflix, Molotov, BitDefender, etc. And it’s honestly the very first time that I have to pay, for 2 computers under the same roof sharing the same ! exact internet connection : twice the amount for the same service.

It’s not because it’s a written policy that it’s fair.