Support for Digital ocean Spaces (S3 compatible storage)

I just recently discovered RaiDrive, until now i used Cyberduck for such things, but never again!

One thing i still use cyberduck for though, is when connecting to Digital Ocean Spaces ( as i can’t configure the S3 endpoints, region etc. in RaiDrive :frowning:

Therefor my request goes toward letting us customize the endpoints, region etc. too, so that RaiDrive can be used with all S3 compatible systems too.

This would be a really nice addition to an awesome piece of software :slight_smile:


Hi~ @Andreas_Herss,

Thanks a lot for choosing and advice.
First of all, Digital Ocean Spaces will be supported in the future version soon.
Also we will consider how to implement S3-comfortable storage. :smiley:

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Do you have a launch date for this new feature?

Hi~ @Jeancarlo_Perez,

We hope that it will be released with 1~2 weeks.