Somewhat urgent: Google SSO login not working

I am trying to log into my account to update my billing info so I can use the Pro features, but when I do, I end up at a 400 Error page on Google’s website.

Hi~ @Steve_Sobol,

Thanks a lot for joining a professional subscription.
Could you reply or send a error message or screenshot? (

Done. Thank you…

Your screenshot said wrong redirect url -
It must be Are you using proxy or something similar?



The link works if I visit but not if I visit (no www).

This is not good UX, guys. Please configure Google OAuth to accept either URL as a referer… either with OR without the www. At least now I know how to sign into my account, but it’s really bad form to not allow logins using the URL without the www.

Could you do that, and then reply here, and confirm that you’ve done it?

And no, no proxy. I just generally prefer NOT using “www” in an URL if I don’t have to.

You’re right. We’ve missed the leakage. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
We will patch this issue ASAP.
Thanks a lot for your report. :+1:

It was fixed and will redirect to in the cases of

Thanks a lot again for your notice. :smiley: