Slow Transfer via Filezilla

Hey umm, I tried directly transfer to drive with Filezilla but is too slow and then sometimes too choppy. My Internet is not slow anyway. I think you need to optimize cache system.

For example, If I put some file is like you put on actual hard drive. Unlike you directly put on network drive. And Raidrive goes to upload them to network drive simultaneous for every complete file. And with already feature lifespan for file to be offline available.

Just like Gdrive File Stream. But I loved Raidrive. Because Gdrive File Stream is too much RAM consumption.

Sorry my bad English

Hi~ @Matt_H,

Internally, when We tested by connecting FileZilla Server (0.9.60 beta) with FTP in RaiDrive 2020.6.25, there was no slowdown.
What version of RaiDrive are you using?
and Could you please tell us how the speed comes when uploading to FileZilla Server via Filezilla Client?

Sorry, connecting to the ftp by RaiDrive is no problem. I mean if you downloading from ftp server by using FileZilla and transfer to disk drive mount by RaiDrive, the transfer file is choppy and slowly than you directly transfer to local drives.

We need three pieces of information to confirm what you’ve said. We think it would be helpful if you send me the information We told you.

  1. Speed of uploading 500MB of files to Google Drive via browser
  2. The type of FTP server you are using (Eg Synology, QNAP, server program name, etc.)
  3. Log (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log)

If you send us three pieces of information via email (, we will tell you again after checking the issue