SharePoint Advanced Options

We are testing RaiDrive for SharePoint to see if it is suitable for one of our customer. I’m mapping SharePoint Drive but can see few advanced options which can’t find explanation in Documentation.

  • Update storage changes asynchronously
  • Try to keep “Date modified” when coping
  • Monitor process access to files
  • Quick Copy/Move/Delete.
    As we are planing to use RaiDrive for around 60 people editing files on sharepoint (300GB with 250 000 files) as shared drive, I just wander what would be the best practice when selecting those options.
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+1 to that request.
I’m also very interested to know what those few options mean.
The Document available from this website doesn’t correspond much to what the User Interface look like now.
Some options, such as : “Update storage changes asynchronously” are very important, for what I understood today following issues I had with MEGA not being updated locally. It’s hard to know for sure what all those options mean.

An update of the online “Document”, or the “HELP” button from Raidrive’s interface taking to something else than “Coming Soon” would be nice.

Hi~ @maria_power, @Hansolocambo.

We will update the document as soon as possible.

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I’ve been using Raidrive (MEGA) for about 5 months now. And I’m still waiting for a help section that tells something else than “coming soon”. That’s insane.
We have options without explanations and when we ask here in the forum the only answer we have is “as soon as possible”. That’s not what I call an answer.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take 5 months to write a few lines of explanation about, at least, those “advanced options” that seem to have quiet a huge impact on how well Raidrive works.

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I went through all the documentation just because I wanted some clarification on the first three dot points mentioned by maria_power.
Can you even just give us a brief rundown of how it directly impacts our drive? I’m currently using Google Drive.

Hi~ @Beyond ,

When the option marked SLOW is checked, the speed may be slightly lower than when not checked because there is a request to the remote drive more than once to use the function.

This is still not an answer.

What do these functions do? Just a quick rundown – a line or two for each – would be appreciated. Frankly, this should not have to be asked for repeatedly in user forums.