Shared with Me

Two things:

  1. Google recently added shortcut function. Raidrive doe snot support it so when you create shortcuts from Shared with Me to your main Google Drive, the shortcuts are shown as some Internet hyperlinks within the Raidrive folder.

Rclone had the similar issue and they have addressed it. You might find this link helpful to understand the issue and troubleshoot.

  1. Another thing is that while I understand that “Shared with Me” is generally “Read-Only” I have certain apps that still want the mounted Z drive to be writable to properly function. Could you allow this to be mounted as writable even if the “Read-Only” is On by default? Currently, you don’t allow Read-only flag to be off.
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Hi~ @rootuser11,

Thanks a lot for your advice about Google’s new feature. :+1:

  • We understood how the shortcut works and will invest how to handle.

thanks i did not realize that the write function is limited to the pro version. no problem. i will wait for the shortcuts to be implemented on raidrive soon.